About the SeAA

The SeAA offers members many opportunities to promote alpacas and individual farms through the Southeast in addition to providing education to the members and the public about alpacas. There are many benefits in belonging to this Regional Organization for the farms in the Southeastern United States. And a special Premium membership was made available for those outside our region because of the interest in what we do and what we provide for our members.

Benefits Of An SeAA Membership

Events Available:

Special Educational Seminars for members, such as neonatal clinics, fiber workshops, and shearing clinics with top name speakers and Fleece specialists. These are held at University settings, member farms as well as smaller groups throughout the Southeast.

Our Annual Meeting held each August in a central location to provide updates in the SeAA and the alpaca world and an educational speaker or seminar. Lunch and an opportunity to socialize are added benefits.

SeAA Store

The traveling SeAA Store, where members consign alpaca related goods from their farms for sale to the public during SeAA events and other venues in the southeast is utilized by many.


SeAA News, the official newsletter providing members updates and news about the SeAA and the alpaca industry.
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SeAA Membership Directory is available to members and to attendees at SeAA Events.

The SeAA Website, and the Southern Select Show web site, provide information on the Internet to the public, affording SeAA members an opportunity to showcase their farms to potential alpaca owners with links to individual farm member web sites. The Association web site provides SeAA members the opportunity to use one email to all members for questions, help, or suggestions for problems that may arise as well as receive information that is timely.

There are also articles available for information on medical issues, health care, tax information, basic alpaca information, and any other updates that come out to alert SeAA Members changing situations. These can be printed and passed out at your farm. Your own Library for alpaca information is available on the SeAA site.

Showcase your Farm:

SeAA members have a farm page on the SeAA website to promote and market their own farm with contact information, including Logo, and information about their farm and pictures. 

SeAA members can promote their herd sires, they can list farm events on their own farm page with pictures and write ups, which can be changed out and updated easily and as often as desired!  

SeAA members can promote any award winning alpacas that take first place or a Championship on the Website of Southeastern alpacas.

Research for Alpacas Promoted:

SeAA members benefit from the Research that the SeAA helps provide through donations to the Alpaca Research Foundation, University of Tennessee, University of Georgia, University of Florida, Auburn University, as well as others entities. The association with these Universities and promotion of their camelid programs aid all alpaca owners, a benefit greatly appreciated when (and if) a dreaded trip to the University Hospital is taken.

SeAA members benefit from the promotion that is provided from SeAA funds to fiber promotion and donations to students in fiber arts programs.

Are You Aware?

Do you use John Deere Equipment? Did you know that if you are an AOBA Farm Member that you can get discounts up to 20% off on Gators, tractors, lawn mowers, and other selected equipment. Go to the Deere website and see the details.

We welcome you to join us. Membership year is now August through July.