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Michelangelo's Destino KVR

Rock solid genetics and producers of multiple champions on both sides of his pedigree, Destino is making an impact on many breeding programs already...Let Destino's first CHAMPION be YOURS! 

He not only has the look, but also the personality, which we feel is so important when making breeding decisions.  Mild mannered and extremely easy to handle, I can walk up to him in the pasture to halter.  I can give monthly shots & even trim toenails solo...but don't let his personality fool you, he's all male and definitely stands out in the pasture!!

Destino's uniformity is simply what all of us should be breeding for in our programs. His fleece is very consistent from the skin to the tip throughout his blanket in the categories of micron, staple length, crimp style, crimps per inch, brightness, and color. His density is superior, and talk about staple length - WOW!!  If you need some fleece production, look no further; he's a fleece machine!!!

Hunger for a taste of the darkside?  Desi can take you there too -- His first cria of 2012 was a TRUE BLACK female out of true black dam! This is exactly what we were looking for as our herd colors range from white to black.  We are even more excited about his high potential for producing gray!  His sire Michelangelo has made every color, so we're sure Destino will be able to make color even more consistently!!!!

Owned By: Circle C Alpacas
335 Bellview Road
Rockmart, GA 30153


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